Individual Breathing Assistant (IBA) Kit (Pack of 5)

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Individual Breathing Assistant (IBA) Kit

The Individual Breathing Assistant (IBA) is a single user, multi-use device. It is nicknamed, ‘the LungTrainer Jr’. The IBA uses a combination of air flow and air pressure to work efficiently. It uses the same mouthpiece/air regulator that is used for the base device. It also connects to an air tube which then connects to the base LungTrainer.

The IBA is becoming a ‘must have’ for all music educators, bands, choruses, and private teachers. Specifically, the IBAs are getting amazing reviews and the results have been tremendous.

The IBA develops duration, phrasing, articulations, crescendo, and many other breathing elements that produce better musicians. Attaching the IBA to the LungTrainer device is easy. 


  • 5 IBA's
  • Mouthpiece / Air Regulator to facilitate air flow
  • Flexible Air Tube
  • Balloon for air pressure