Make Every Breath Count!

Make Every Breath Count!

Proper development is the main ingredient in the execution of successful breathing. By understanding how to utilize basic core breathing essentials, users can develop better diaphragmatic strength and air way production.

LungTrainers, the leader in breathing development, has developed study tested and peer-reviewed methodology to increase beginning, intermediate and advanced breathing techniques. It is an advanced breathing exhalation developmental device. The device focuses each user to build perfect breathing techniques.

The LungTrainer has been successfully used in controlled medical settings for a variety of respiratory therapies. The LungTrainer has also been a strategic breathing development device in the areas of athletics, music training, and deep breathing exercises, like yoga.

Let LungTrainers be your guide to better breathing strength, focus, and production.

Notable Individuals & Organizations


  • High Schools & Middle Schools

    Académie les Estacades
    Boca Prep International School
    Coral Reef High School
    Dreyfoos School of the Arts
    East Central ISD
    Kokomo High School
    MacArthur High School Choir
    Notre Dame College Prep
    Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School
    Pinecrest Elementary School
    Ransom Everglades School
    SE Polk Schools
    St. Thomas Aquinas High School

  • Universities & Colleges

    Florida International University
    Harvard University Band
    Nicholls State University
    North Carolina State University
    Ohio Northern University
    Oklahoma City University
    Sam Houston State University
    Texas Tech University
    University of Florida
    University of Georgia
    University of Miami
    University of Oklahoma

  • Notable Individuals & Organizations

    531st Air Force Band
    Arturo Sandoval
    Cassandra Vocal Arts Academy
    Cuchetti School of Music
    Deon Bush, Chicago Bears
    Dr. Eddy del Rio
    Integrity Martial Arts
    Kendall Conservatory of Music
    Luis Fonsi
    New York Speech and Hearing
    Phoenix Music
    R Street Studio

Why Use the LungTrainer?

The LungTrainer is a breathing developmental device which promotes better breathing techniques while strengthening the diaphragm and increasing air exchange. When used properly, it can also increase blood oxygen levels.

The LungTrainer’s patented technology allows the user to combine airflow and air pressure to create specific exercises for individual needs. Whether the user is working on developing better deep breathing, strengthening diaphragmatic muscles, building duration, or working on musical or athletic breathing development, the LungTrainer can make a difference.

The LungTrainer uses a digital display system that helps the user monitor exhalation time and resting time, count repetitions, and see the amount of pressure used. Its easy-to-read displays make the LungTrainer the perfect device for almost every breathing use.

In 2022, LungTrainers’ released the Individual Breathing Assistant (IBA), a mobile device that works off of the LungTrainer system. It uses the same airflow design, but the pressure is regulated by a specially calibrated balloon (.5 psi). This is the psi that engages the diaphragm.

The LungTrainer may be the perfect option for you to use to build better breathing.

Need more reasons?  How about these?

Need more reasons? How about these?

1. Build better diaphragmatic breathing. Faster!
2. LungTrainers is one the fastest Breathing Development Systems on the market.
3. The IBA can be used for whole group instruction, efficiently and economically.
4. The IBA is custom fit for use on the LungTrainer Classic, MD2 or MD3.
5. LungTrainers’ unique combination of air flow and air pressure (resistance) make it easy to calculate an individual breathing prescription for every user.
6. The LungTrainer is a clean machine. It uses an air redirection system to keep it safe when used as a multi-user device.


What are the benefits to using the LungTrainer Breathing System?

The benefits to using the LungTrainer Breathing system are many. LungTraining has proven to develop better breath duration, stronger diaphragmatic muscles, more open airways, as well as many other specific breathing techniques. LungTrainers are used by musicians, athletes, yoga enthusiasts, and of course, persons who need breathing therapy due to a respiratory condition.

Is it safe to use by multiple users?

LungTrainers’ offers its clients the Individual Breathing Assistant (IBA). The IBA is a single user, multi-use breathing device. It is nicknamed, ‘the LungTrainer Jr’. It uses the same mouthpiece/air regulator that is used for the base device. It also connects to an air tube which then connects to the base LungTrainer.

The LungTrainer uses a combination of air flow and air pressure to work efficiently. It is safe to use as a multi-user device. As the user exhales and releases into their individual breathing assistant, no air returns. LungTrainers’ has developed a special one-way air release system making exhalation move forward with no opportunity to return.

How can I get a discount for purchasing a LungTrainer?

There are several discounts offered to potential LungTrainer clients.

• Educators
• Students

LungTrainers’ is also proud to offer discounts to those clients who may need assistance for purchase.

How do I setup my LungTrainer?

To get started with your LungTrainer, visit this link. On this page you can download the Instructions for Use (IFU), access our Quick Start Guide, and watch a video tutorial.

How do I clean my LungTrainer?

LungTrainers are very easy to clean. The IBA can be cleaned by rinsing with soap and water. Let the IBA air dry and it’s good to go. When using the IBA with the balloon, always separate the balloon after each use.

The LungTrainer base device only needs simple wiping down. If any moisture gets into the chamber, let it air dry or wipe with a dry cloth or bottle brush.

Is there a way that I can test a LungTrainer?

You can find demo LungTrainers around the country at music conferences, special conventions, and other non-music events. Potential clients can also get a free Individual Breathing Assistant from LungTrainers for only shipping and handling fees.

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