Make Every Breath Count!

Make Every Breath Count!

Lung Trainers provide opportunities for musicians to develop diaphragmatic breathing techniques for optimal musical performance. Tested in wind musicians and singers, from beginners to advanced, you will notice the difference in your breathing.

The Ultimate Breathing Device for Developing Lung Capacity

  • Antibacterial

    The Lung Trainer is equipped with a high quality copper mouth piece and a special air tube that works to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

  • Performance

    The device provides the opportunity for anyone who wants to develop better breathing techniques and train their diaphragms to work correctly.

  • Durable

    Features the highest quality materials in its design. From polished stainless steel weighted inserts to solid copper mouthpiece and air regulator, the device is designed to last in outstanding condition for years.


What are the benfits?

Using all three (3) inserts, it takes 2 psi to lift the weights and 1.5 psi to maintain, much like the feeling you get when playing your instrument or singing.

Where to mount the device?

The wall unit mounts easily on most surfaces using four (4) screws (provided). The magnet stand unit utilizes four (4) powerful magnets that can attach to any metal area, fits perfect attached to a metal music stand.

Is it secure to use by multiple users?

The air tube of the Lung Trainer is treated with silver particles ensuring an antibacterial system for multiple users. The solid copper mouthpiece and air regulator have antimicrobial properties so additional users do not need to worry about the spreading of germs from user to user.