Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

The future of breathing is strong with LungTrainers. Every band and chorus classroom across the world should be using LungTrainers. As a music teacher educator, training emerging music teachers in the foundations and pedagogy of breathing is essential for the future of band and choral music performances. LungTrainers has provided an easy and efficient device that challenges students in a fun way that engages diaphragmatic breathing.

Susana M. Lalama, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Music Education & Conductor of the Wind Ensemble Converse College

I think this device is incredible and will revolutionize the modern band classroom. The LungTrainers device is a must for every band classroom! I have been a proud owner of LungTrainers device since November 2016. Since then my students have used it numerous times on a daily basis. It enhances my students’ breathing in addition to strengthening the diaphragm muscles. Both of these skills are essential to have a great wind band. I find using the LungTrainer helps my students phrase better because of their newfound air capacity. I also have found it enhances their tone quality because it teaches them how to support their tone through strengthening their diaphragm muscles.

Erich S. Rivero
Director of Band, Glades Middle School

The LungTrainer is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. I’ve done many workshops on how to get good unrestricted air flow from my wind players but have been looking for years for a device that will help them visualize tone support and feel what should be happening physiologically with good support. I'm looking forward to hearing great results from my students as they use it this year.

Cathi Leibinger
Band Director, Ransom Everglades Middle School

Starting students immediately on the devices has helped in preventing bad habits from forming. I started using the LungTrainers devices three years ago. I have seen the students learn how to properly use diaphragmatic breathing, which has resulted in students being able to produce quality sounds and has improved the intonation of the group. Students like using this device as they can see exactly how their air support is working and they can see how they progress, as they are able to hold the weights longer and add more weights. We have maximized the effect of the LungTrainer by adding rhythmic exercises to the training process. I highly encourage every band and choral instructor to invest in this device.

Jeffrey I. Gross
Band & Orchestra Director, W.R. Thomas Middle School, Miami, Florida

The LungTrainer really helps kids "get it," thank you for a great product. A big shout out to the folks at LungTrainers. I started using the LungTrainer last year with my school band and the youth orchestra wind players. It has been a great teaching tool to get kids to use air. Especially at the younger levels, every music teacher will agree, kids do not understand air and air support.

Michael Fraley
Don Estridge High Tech Middle School, Youth Orchestra of Palm Beach County

By the time I had a solo recital (about 2 months later), my breath was far more supported, and I was able to connect phrases that had previously given me a lot of trouble. I started using the LungTrainer because it was a required part of my brass techniques class, but I didn’t realize how much it was helping until after the semester ended. As I moved forward in my vocal training, I found that I was not able to hold phrases as long as the semester prior when I was using the LungTrainer, and promptly started using it again 2 - 3 times a week. I will continue to use the LungTrainer to strengthen my voice and breath control.

Page C.
College Music Major, South Carolina

This product succeeds where words fail. In my 25 years of experience, I have noticed that some young students have difficulty understanding a verbal explanation of diaphragm breath support. The LungTrainer forces students to push the air with their diaphragm for proper breath support. Use of the LungTrainer has opened up my beginners' sounds by showing them how much air they need to be pushing through the horn to produce a characteristic tone. Use of the LungTrainer has also improved both the range and endurance of my upper level players.

Patrick Flaniken
Director of Bands, Jacksboro ISD, Texas

LungTrainers has brought the learning experience to my students on a kinesthetic level that has had results (especially that 'aha' moment) on each one that used it. We know that as an educator it is important to understand that all students learn differently. Still, as a professional vocal instructor, I always felt that along with these types of learners came the need for all to adapt kinesthetic learning. I bring this point up to highlight the use of LungTrainers as the most engaging and tangible way to learn how to properly use the breath as a singer. Most voice teachers can relate; it is not always easy to teach every, different singer how to "use the diaphragm" with visuals, imagery, a play on words (when you think all you have left is creativity on your side), or just a plain and logic explanation. Given the fact that the diaphragm is an innate muscle, it is important to understand exactly what this muscle makes us feel when you "use" it. They are now much more aware and conscious of breath support and management. So far the best assessment of breathing technique has been their self-assessments, because not only can they hear a vast difference – they can feel it as well.

Cassandra Claude, MBA
Vocal Coach/Artist Development