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LungTrainers About Us

Frank Acosta and Bill Rose originally engineered the LungTrainer to be used as a breathing developmental exercising device in 2016.  Since then its patented technology has been used in over 450 schools and by 10,000’s of students.  Shortly after its release, it began to branch out into the areas of athletics, yoga, and respiratory therapy. 

The LungTrainer uses a unique combination of manipulating air pressure with air flow.  This combination, when specifically prescribed, strengthens diaphragmatic muscles, and increases airways.  The result, better breathing through increased power, duration, and more oxygen in the blood.  The LungTrainer has been referred to as, “weightlifting for the lungs.”

LungTrainers, LLC, is based in Miami, Florida.  The company is proud to make all of the components in the United States.  For more information on the LungTrainer or LungTrainers, LLC, please contact us at media@lungtrainers.com.

How can I order a LungTrainer?

The LungTrainer is easy to order.  Once you have determined what LungTrainer best fits your needs, simply go to the order page and fill it out.  Whether you order a LT Classic, MD2 or MD3, there is a LungTrainer to fit your needs and your budget.

All LungTrainers come with weighted inserts, Individual Breathing Assistants (IBA), and LT Freshen for keeping the mouthpiece clean (LT Freshen should not be used on the LungTrainer device and chamber).