Lung/Breathing Training Device

We take pride in developing a unique device that can be used for breathing training. This device can be beneficial for the learners and the pro musicians. Similarly, the exercises have proven to be beneficial for the patients of asthma and anxiety as well.

The lung training device has an acrylic cylinder inserted with three polished stainless steel weights that can be added or removed as required. The pipe ends with a mouthpiece that is made of copper. The device is also provided with an electronic timer that would count the precise time that might be required for the exercises.

The breathing training device can be used for several breathing exercises explained at our online platform. The users need to try to take one, two or all three weights at the top of the acrylic cylinder and retain it at the top position for a maximum amount of time. This improves the breathing patterns and also can help to fight the health disorders as well.

You can access various types and capacities of the devices we offer through the online platform and order that one that might be suitable for your application. We offer the devices at the affordable prices and best in class materials as well.