5 Simple Breathing Exercises and Techniques for Asthma Relief

5 Simple Breathing Exercises and Techniques for Asthma Relief

Breath Exercises for Asthma


Asthma is a condition that causes obstruction in the airway. It makes it difficult to breathe freely. Without management, the condition can lead to severe complications. While doctors prescribe medications, you can try some effective breathing exercises for better results.


Most people take breathing for granted. But, when you cannot breathe, it can make your chest feel tight or breathless. In severe cases, people can die as a result of not getting oxygen. Breathing exercises can act as add-on therapy when you follow the suggestions from the doctor and take medications. Do you wish to know more about effective breathing exercises for asthma? Here are some of them:


#1 One of The Most Effective Breath Exercises for Asthma: Diaphragmatic Breathing 


Diaphragmatic breathing helps you learn the technique of breathing from the diaphragm region instead of the chest. It is one of the effective breathing exercises for asthma that can also strengthen the diaphragm. It helps slow breathing and lowers the oxygen needs of the body.


To practice the breathing technique, you need to lie on your back. You need to keep your knees bent by placing a pillow under it. You can also try this technique by sitting straight in the chair. Place one hand on your stomach and the other flat on the upper region of your chest. Try to breathe in slowly using your nose. The hand you have placed on the chest must remain still while the hand on the stomach must move. At the same time, breathe out, purse, or pucker your lips. You should keep practicing the technique until you can manage to breathe in and out without moving your chest.


#2 The Papworth Method: One of The Best Breath Exercises for Asthma


Breath Exercises for Asthma

This technique dates back to the 1960s. The Papworth method uses different methods of breathing with various relaxation techniques. This combined technique can train a person suffering from asthma to breathe slowly and steadily through their diaphragm and nose. It is also an effective stress management technique without affecting your breathing. According to several studies, the Papworth technique can improve the quality of life in asthma patients.


It is one of the best breathing exercises for asthma with mild symptoms. It can ease the symptoms triggered due to rapid breathing and mouth breathing. Unfortunately, it may not work well for people suffering from severe asthma triggered due to colds and allergies. You can try the breathing technique by slowly inhaling through the nose. You can exhale through the puckered lips like you blow out a candle. Try to exhale twice as long as you inhale. You can repeat the cycle three to five times.


#3 One of The Oldest Breath Exercises for Asthma: Buteyko Breathing

Buteyko breathing refers to the method developed by the Ukrainian doctor Konstantin Buteyko. It is one of the oldest breathing exercises for asthma, developed in the 1950s. The idea behind the method believes that hyperventilating can result in asthma becoming severe. People tend to breathe fast and deep when they hyperventilate. It can lead to shortness of breath in people who have asthma.


Buteyko breathing is one of the effective breathing exercises for asthma, using a series of exercises to teach the benefits of slow and deep breathing. While the technique may not improve lung function, it may improve asthma symptoms. Also, trying the exercises can also lower the medication need.


#4 Yoga Breath Exercises for Asthma

Practicing yoga may provide several benefits to the body and mind. Yoga breathing exercises can lower asthma flare-ups. According to several studies,

Breath Exercises for Asthma

practicing yoga can ease the symptoms linked to asthma. Yoga breath exercises for asthma may also reduce the need to use an inhaler to control the symptoms. There are several exercises that asthma patients can try to get relief:


  • Sitting Half Spinal Twist

This pose opens the chest muscles. It can also improve the supply of oxygen to the lungs. Hence, it can reduce asthma attacks.


  • Bridge Pose

This pose can balance the body by opening the chest and lungs. Hence, it can improve the breathing of asthma patients. This exercise has other benefits, such as managing thyroid problems and improving digestion.


  • Cobra Pose

It is another beneficial yoga posture that can help people suffering from asthma. Trying the yoga exercise can boost blood and oxygen circulation throughout the body. The pose also opens the chest. It can also clear the airway, making it easier for asthma patients to breathe well.


  • Easy Pose

It is the yoga pose to control your breathing. It can also prove effective in managing stress. Trying this yoga pose can help you broaden the chest. Hence, you feel easier to breathe. It can also relax the brain and offer you a sense of calm. Keeping calm and relaxed can help you avoid situations triggering an asthma attack.


#5 Trying Breath Exercises for Asthma Using Lung Trainer


When trying breathing exercises for asthma, you can use a developmental breathing device like the LungTrainer. Using it will strengthen the diaphragm. It can also boost air exchange. With proper use, the device aids in increasing blood oxygen levels. The patented technology used by the LungTrainer allows the user to combine air pressure and airflow to create certain exercises customized to meet individual needs. It will work well for people working on deep breathing, building duration, strengthening diaphragmatic muscles, or athletic or musical breathing development. The use of the device can make a difference in the lives of people suffering from asthma attacks. 


The LungTrainer has a digital display system aiding the users in monitoring exhalation time. It can also show the amount of pressure used, count repetition, and resting time. You can easily read the display of the device to try breathing exercises for asthma. You can use the breathing developmental exercising device engineered by Bill Rose and Frank Acosta to strengthen the diaphragmatic muscles.


This device, known as weightlifting for lungs, can increase the airways. So, you can breathe with increased power. Get more information by sending a mail to the experts at info@lungtrainers.com, or you can call the team to get answers to the queries by dialing 786-286-4744. See the experts face to face by visiting the following address to learn more about the device:

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