Arnold Jacobs Breathing Excercise

Only a musician or singer can understand the importance of good breath and a stable breath. So, being a tubist himself, Arnold Jacobs understood the main need of the players and he invented some exercises for good breathing.

Some of the best Arnold Jacobs breathing exercises are mentioned below:

  1. Exercise-1

- You need to fill your lungs to the count of 5 and raise your arms above head.

- Then drop your arms on the count of 5.

- Now, retain the air with an open throat.

- Start gradually exhaling the air.

- Do this exercise in front of the mirror 6 times in a row.

  1. Exercise-2

- This exercise is to be done while walking.

- You need to inhale through your nose for 5 steps, slowly and smoothly.

- And then, exhale through the nose for another 5 steps.

- After one week, try the same exercise with 3 steps.

  1. Exercise-3

- You can do this only after performing the first two exercises for 3 weeks.

- You need to take a breath in thirds.

- You will have to pause between every partial breath and observe how you feel.

- Then, exhale in thirds.

- Pause between every exhalation and see how you feel while doing it.


These are some of the exercises by the legend that are going to help you a lot.