Breathing Techniques for Musicians: What You Need to Know

Breathing Techniques for Musicians

Breathing Techniques for Musicians: What You Need to Know

 We all know a singer whose voice moves us, no matter what time or place. There is just something about their singing that has a mystical quality. And while most of it is due to natural talent, there are also breathing techniques for musicians that they rigorously follow. Yes, it takes a lot of hard work over the talent that one may possess to be a successful singer. And this is something that is not just limited to singers. Any instrument player would need to make sure that their technique is of top-notch quality, and breathing techniques for musicians would surely help them out.

Why Are Breathing Techniques for Musicians So Crucial? 

Singing is one of the most complicated tasks out there. The process through which singing happens is known as phonation. During this, the air passes through the musicians' vocal folds, vocal folds that are located in the larynx. This result is them vibrating. The tension of their vocal folds and the amount of air passing through them allow the musicians to change the sound they produce.

So, it is pretty evident that breathing, in a controlled manner, is of essential importance for musicians. They can control not only the sound they produce, but also their volume levels. Better control over their breathing will allow them to explore a broader range of tones and semi-tones and enable their mastery over their craft. And this is where breathing techniques for musicians come especially in handy.

What Happens When One Does Not Follow Breathing Techniques for Musicians?

Breathing Techniques for Musicians Sing

Singing requires a concerted effort. Regardless of how talented the singer is; the final result would simply be unsatisfactory without a strong foundation. The standard that one breath is relatively shallow. And it is alright if one is only walking or sitting in a park. But the same breathing would not help when you try to sing, especially in a tone with different nodes.

When singing, the singer would usually exhale for a lot longer than they inhale. So, naturally, one would need to know breathing techniques for musicians that would allow them to do so. And if one does not follow the recommended techniques, they will face unnecessary tension in their voice, resulting in poor performance.

Now without further ado, let’s look at the breathing techniques for musicians.

Check Some Useful Breathing Techniques for Musicians 

There are many exercises and breathing techniques for musicians that one can go for. But following are the four most helpful breathing techniques that will prove fruitful regardless of the skill level and experience of the musicians.

1.Practice Proper Posture 

Yes, the first thing you need to do is work on your posture. And while it might not be strictly one of the breathing techniques for musicians, there can be no doubt about its relevance in improving the efficiency of one's breathing. Ask any experienced singer that will tell you how important posture is for the singing process. The way someone stands can easily impact their breathing, which could impact the tension in the vocal folds and so and so. If you are not in an optimal posture, breathing could be difficult, and you surely would not want that.

You can quickly rectify that by keeping your chest straight. This would allow you to breathe comfortably through your diaphragm.

2.Breathe from Your Diaphragm

Breathing from the diaphragm is one of the first pieces of advice given to any budding singer. Breathing from the diaphragm allows the singer to have tighter control over their vocal cords, more especially control over the passage of air. If you think that it is only your vocal cords that do all the hard work, then you are wrong. It takes the whole body to support the singing voice. So, naturally, you need to achieve greater control over your diaphragm. And it can be done through various breathing techniques for musicians.

One of the most common ways is through this simple exercise. Simply stand in a perfect posture, with your back straight, chest and place a hand on your stomach. Inhale deeply, let the air fill our belly, and then exhale through the mouth. Do this for 10 to 15 times everything, and you will have more control over your diaphragm.

3.Warm Up Your Vocal Cords

You need to ensure that your vocal cords are warmed up,

Breathing Techniques for Musicians

mainly to limit the chance of injury and improve performance. Warming up the vocal cords is a regular part of any professional singer's routine. It not only helps keep the vocal cords in shape, but the repetition builds up strong breathing muscles as well, which is an apparent fruitful side-effect. There are several warm-up techniques that you can opt for, any one of which would serve you well. Just keep in mind that you follow this breathing technique regularly.

4.Hissing Exercise

A hissing exercise is one of the beneficial breathing techniques for musicians. A hissing exercise allows one to lower their voice and on-demand. So, naturally, it is advantageous when a singer needs to lower their voice in the middle of a song. And the best part it is extremely easy for one to do hissing exercise; they only need to be in a relaxed state. Slowly breathe in the air and fill up your lungs. And when you are exhaling, just grit your teeth and use your tongue to regulate release. It is as simple as that. Just do hissing exercises regularly, and you will have greater control over your vocal cords.

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