How Lung Capacity Exercise Machine Works?

Lung Capacity Exercise Machine

How Lung Capacity Exercise Machine Works?


lung capacity exercise machine is a controlled breathing device that patients frequently use to enhance lung function after surgery. It has an inhalation nozzle as well as a plunger that measures how well a patient's lungs are working. It is a portable medical that measures the amount of air you take in. It promotes the recovery of your lungs following surgery or illness by keeping them engaged and fluid-free. 

When you breathe through a lung training device, a piston rises inside the device to measure your breath volume. You can set a target breath volume with the help of a healthcare professional. Lung capacity exercise machines are commonly used in hospitals following surgeries or long-term illnesses that require bed rest. 

When should you use a lung training machine? 

Following a medical procedure is the most common application for a lung training machine. It's frequently prescribed after lung surgery, but it's also frequently used in patients recovering from heart surgery. Regardless of the procedure, patients who spend a long time under anesthesia or recovering in bed will frequently be prescribed a lung training machine.

This device can be used when a patient is trying to recover from pneumonia or rib damage. Non-medical patients, on the other hand, may use the lung capacity exercise machine as it may benefit them to increase lung capacity and airflow.

The proper way to use a lung training machine: 

It may take some practice to get a hold of it. Whereupon, using a lung training machine is quick and easy.

Lung Capacity Exercise Machine Use


Step 1

With your back straight, sit upright, either in a chair or on the edge of your bed. You may be sore in your chest or belly after surgery. Place a pillow on top of it to provide support and prevent pain.

 Step 2

 Completely exhale to clear your lungs of any remaining air.


Step 3

 Lips should be tightly closed around the mouthpiece. Only your mouth will be able to breathe in. If necessary, use a nose plug.

 Step 4

 Slowly inhale, raising the piston as high as possible while keeping the indicator between two arrows to ensure proper inhalation. Subsequently, hold your breath for 10 seconds. Take note of the point at which the piston came to a halt. It will gradually sink while you're holding your breath.

 Step 5

 When the piston reaches the bottom of the cylinder, remove your lips from the mouthpiece. Exhale slowly and take a few deep breaths.

 Step 6

 Repeat this procedure ten times or as many times as your doctor advises. Each time, try to raise the piston higher.

 Step 7

 Cough to get any mucus out of your lungs once you've finished. Hold a pillow against your chest while coughing if you're sore from surgery.

 Step 8

 Repeat this procedure every hour you're awake or as your doctor instructs.

 The objective is to raise the plunger as high as possible. A doctor will, in most cases, prescribe a goal that will be marked on the device. In the meantime, another chamber contains a ball or disc used to regulate breathing. It needs to stay in the center of the space. It will rise to the top if you take in too much air too quickly. The ball will not rise if you do not breathe quickly enough.

 The use of a lung training machine has several advantages: 

There are several lung capacity exercise machine benefits. Your lung training machine helps keep your tiny air sacs (alveoli) inflated by exercising your lungs and measuring how well they fill with air. Utilizing a lung training machine could significantly improve lung function, which increases the amount of oxygen breathed into the lungs and, as a result, the amount of oxygen that reaches the body.

Patients can use this device to clear mucus from their lungs as well. Patients can use the device to relearn how to take slow, deep breaths rather than short, shallow ones. A person can avoid contracting a serious lung disease by taking deeper breaths. Through inhaling deeply and slowly and holding their breath for up to six seconds, a patient can pop open alveoli (small air sacs in the lungs), improving lung function even further.

 Who requires the use of a lung training machine? 

 Your lungs will fully inflate if you breathe slowly with a lung capacity exercise machine. These breaths aid in the breakdown of fluid in the lungs, which, if not cleared, can lead to pneumonia. People who recently had surgery, have lung disease, or conditions that cause their lungs to fill with fluid are often given lung training machines. Take a look below for information:

  •       Following surgery:

 During bed rest, a lung training machine can keep the lungs active. Using a lung training machine to keep the lungs active reduces the risk of complications such as airway obstruction, pneumonia, bronchospasms, and respiratory

Lung Capacity Exercise Machine


  •       Pneumonia:

 The machine is commonly used to break up mucus buildup in the lungs in people with pneumonia.

  •       Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

 Smoking causes COPD, which is a group of respiratory disorders. There is currently no cure, but quitting smoking, using a lung training machine, and sticking to an exercise routine can help manage symptoms.

  •       Cystic fibrosis:

 Cystic fibrosis patients may benefit from a lung training machine to clear fluid buildup. According to a 2015 study, a lung training machine has the potential to reduce pressure in the chest cavity and reduce the risk of central airway collapse.

  •       Other circumstances:

 According to their doctor, people with sickle cell anemia, asthma, or atelectasis may also benefit from a lung training machine.


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