Top 5 exercises to improve your lung capacity

Know About Exercises to Improve Your Lung Capacity

Every activity in the body, each organ in the body needs oxygen for its survival and proper functioning. Oxygen when carried by the blood to these organs helps facilitate a normal body function. We breathe air from our nose, this air is taken to our lungs which extract from this air the necessary oxygen and also exchange the CO2 which we exhale. The lungs are the facilitator of oxygen in our body. When we can provide a greater volume of oxygen to our bodies, we can work more proficiently. This volume though depends upon your lung capacity. The lung capacity can be enhanced by various exercises. So, what are the Top 5 exercises to improve your lung capacity? Here is a list:

1-   Aerobics:

Aerobics is a set of exercises that increase your lung capacity by engaging a large group of your muscles. When these muscles move in a rhythmic motion, they demand your body to intake more oxygen, these exercises when done increase the endurance of your heart and lungs. When the endurance increases, the body then becomes more effective in using the oxygen provide and hence leads to an increase in lung capacity.

2-   Lung Strengthening exercises:

Exercises which are done for muscle tightening are also great for Lung capacity enhancement. These exercises are particularly good for your lungs. These exercises strengthen the muscles which aid in breathing. Exercises like pilates help in increasing lung capacity when performed rigorously.

3-   Cardio Exercise:

If you want a manifold of increase in your lung capacity then the best exercise to do is cardio. Cardio of 30mins can help you increase your lung capacity. The basic fundamental of these exercises is that when a person walks or runs fast then the body starts demanding more oxygen. As the demand increases the lung has to work harder to provide oxygen. This time and again demand makes the lung adapt to greater intakes and then eventually increases lung capacity.

4-   Workout in High Elevation:

When you work out at a higher elevation then you are exposing your body to lower atmospheric oxygen levels. Even when your body is even at rest then also the lungs have to work even harder to fulfill normal body demands. This hard work that the lung does in this scenario increases the lung capacity.

5-   Abdominal Breathing:

Abdominal breathing is a very simple exercise that can be done by anyone. All you need to do is lie down on the back with one hand on the abdomen and the other hand on the chest. The next part is to take a deep breath, hold it and then exhale it through your mouth. While you exhale squeeze your abdominal muscles to exhale the residual air from your lungs.

These 5 exercises are much enough to help you increase your lung capacity. When you increase your lung capacity you are automatically making your body and organs stronger and efficient.